Laundry Practices – Because onsite systems process water as it enters the system, laundry should be spread out over the week and not run all at one time. Excessive use of detergents, especially those containing bleach, can affect system performance. Liquid detergents are recommended over powders. Fabric softener sheets are recommended over liquid softeners. Bleach should be used sparingly and at half the rate indicated on the container. A top load washing machine uses 60-80 gal whereas a front load uses 18 - 25 gal per load. The front load washer is preferred over the top load, this is due to the top load washer running more water than the system can process. Seeing that it only takes 30 minutes or less to do a load of laundry, you can have excessive water usage which in turn leads odor from your system.

Note: If your system is equipped with a Dosing tank then the hourly rate is not as great of a concern.