My sprinklers are spraying during the day?


REMEMBER If you’re system is spraying during the day on occasion, it does not mean the system is malfunctioning. The aerobic system is designed to be GRAVITY FED...this means water in, water out. If you introduce larger amounts of water than the designed 20-25 gallons per hour, by doing any of the things below, your system WILL SPRAY to get rid of the extra water.

Did I use a large volume of water today?
        Has everyone been home today and using lots of water? Have you done a lot of laundry? A
        top load washer can typically use 60-80 gallons of water in ONE LOAD, and your system is
        only designed to treat 25 gallons in ONE HOUR!

Do I have any leaking toilets?
              Have you done the dye test? You can add a few drops of food coloring to the toilet’s holding

        Do I have a water softener?
             How often does your softener backwash into the system? How many gallons is it
             backwashing each time? Can you reset it?

        Did it just rain at my house?
             If you just experienced a lot of rain at your house, you could be getting ground water flowing
             into the tanks, and the system will spray to expel this extra water. Ground water is a
             landscaping issue. If your sprinklers spray every time it rains, you may need risers added to
             your lids to prevent such a large amount of water from coming into the tanks.

        Did I check my cleanout?
             Sometimes you can still have a leak coming from somewhere in your house. You can check
             this by looking in your CLEANOUT. The cleanout is 3”-4” in diameter, has a white cap, and is
             located in close proximity to your house. If the cap is taken off and a stream of water is
            detected and constantly flowing there is a constant leak somewhere in the house!