I Have a sewer odor inside my house!?

According to Oklahoma State Plumbing Codes; all buildings are to be plumbed with venting to
remove sewer gases from inside the building. If you are experiencing a problem with sewer gas inside your home here are a few tips;

1. Check for dry drains ("P' or "S" traps). These drains can become dry if not used on a weekly basis, allowing sewer gas inside the house.

2. If the gas seems to be trhoughout the house, then check the floor drain that is in the HVAC (Heat and Air Closet). During winter months there is a lack of moisture in the air so no condensation to fill the trap the is under the drain. This allows sewer gas back into the closet and the unit will suck it into the return air duct and blow it out inside the house.

3. If none of the above seems to be the problem, if anyone was in your attic pryor to the odor, check for loose vent pipes. Someone could accidentally knocked one of the pipes loose. As gas cools it settles, so the warm gas that exits into the attic space will cool and settle into the room(s) where the pipe is seperated.