Water in the cleanout can be caused by several factors. The following is a list and what to do;

1. Blockage before the tank. Insert a plumbers snake into the pipe pushing toward the tank. If you hit blockage before reaching the tank, the move the snake around while twisting and pushing toward the tank. If the water suddenly starts to go down in the pipe then you have dislodged the obstruction.

2. Blockage in the tank. If you reach the edge of the tank with the snake and hit the clog, then it will be necessary to dig up the access port to unclog the pipe. The pipes can clog at the entrance of the tank which requires access from the top inorder to remove the clog. This would be an ideal time to have a pump truck come and clean out your tank. Most of the clogs like this are caused by full tanks or by using the wrong tissue . Also keep in mind, just because the manufacturer says "FLUSHABLE", doesn't mean that you should flush the material. The cloth wipes for babies, bathroom cleaning brushes, baby diapers are just a few that should not be flushed. Any inorganic materal that is not designed to degrade in water will not breakdown in your tank causing it to fill faster than it should. (See our TIPS section for vaulable information)

3. Failing lateral lines.  Call  @ 405-341-7101.