There are three reasons for your alarms to activate.

1. High water in your pump tank. This could be due to a leaking toilet, loss of power to the water pump in the pump tank, ground water flooding into the tank from a down poor of rain or it could be a float that is stuck.


Check your air pump box to make sure the air pump is running. This will tell you if power is on to the system. If the air pump is not running start by checking the breakers in your breaker box.

If the air pump is running, try resetting the small breakers on your control box. If the resets are popped out, press the resets and watch for sprinkler activity. If the sprinklers start, it may take a hour ot two to remove enough water to silence the alarm.

If the resets are not popped out,check your pump tank. Make sure the water level is not up to the floats that are half way up on the water pipe. If the water is up over the floats contact your service company.

2. High water in you treatment tank or sludge build up. This could be due to build up of sludge in the treatment tank blocking the outlet screen or sludge holding up the alarm float.


Remove the lid on your treatment tank.

If the sludge is holding the alarm float up breakup the sludge and stir the sludge to mix with the water. Bump the alarm down, this should stop the alarms.

If the sludge is in the pipe that drains the water out of the treatment tank, use a small stick and stir the sludge and water inside the pipe. Water should begin to flow.

If this does not relieve the high water, check the chlorinator (this is the tube that holds your chlorine tablets). If this pipe has water in it and the pump tank level is down to the pump, take a small object and stir the water in the chlorinator. Sometimes the chlorine can become super saturated and melt, stopping water flow. You should hear the water start flowing into your pump tank.

3. Loss of air pressure. If none of the items above exist and your alarm continues for more than 24 to 48 hours, you may have a loss of air pressure.


A loss of pressure could be due to not enough water in the treatment tank. If your home is new or if your system has been pumped recently this will cause an alarm due to lack of back pressure in the treatment tank. If this is the case it can take a month or more to shut the alarm off ( depending upon the number of people in the household and the amount of daily water usage).

If this is not the problem then call (405) 341-7101.